Partner with Arise to transform lives !

Get Engaged Today

Get Engaged Today

Arise is committed to building strong families and communities where children can thrive. Today, we operate community support and development programs in a number of countries worldwide. Partner with Arise and transform struggling communities into places that children can thrive.


How can I engage on my own?

  • Fundraise with your Friends

    Fundraise with your Friends

    Arise needs your help to meet the financial requirements of our work. Perhaps you are interested in fundraising for a specific project or to further Arise work in a specific region. We welcome you to partner with Arise and fundraise with your frineds.

    Check out our Fundraiser Toolkit for tools to help you along the way!

  • Advocate for Arise Causes

    Advocate for Arise Causes

    People who have connected with a cause or gone on mission somewhere in the world often feel compelled to speak on behalf of those who are struggling. Arise welcomes you to raise awareness for the work we do and the issues we face. Would you spread the word about our work using your social media contacts, in your workplace, or at your church? Getting the message out is the start of something great!

You can help Arise care for people in need!


Follow us so your friends can also support or join ARISE in caring for more children. Lets all get involved!!