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Arise places a high value on children. We believe that all children deserve the opportunity to thrive. We engage with children directly in many cases, but also work to build strong families and communities where children can thrive.

In India and China today, Arise sponsors programs that provide nurturing care for small children. In Uganda, Arise is providing youth with skills training and education. In each case, local staff are investing in meaningful relationships in order to foster good character, good work habits, and personal integrity.

By investing in these young citizens, Arise aims to develop the next generation of families. Mothers and fathers with good character who are equipped to make a viable living are the foundation of a community where children can thrive.

Would you be willing to invest in the future of a young child or youth? Would you partner with Arise by contributing to our costs or through fundraising and advocacy? We appreciate every person who helps us get the word out or makes our work possible!

Do you need a Canadian charitable tax receipt for your donation? Many people take advantage of this to reduce their taxes at the end of the year. Donating to Arise through Canada Helps will give you immediate access to a tax receipt. Just press the DONATE NOW button here to be directed to our Canada Helps donation page.

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