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Balwadi Nursery Schools

Mumbai has a population of about 20 million in an area of 600 sq kms. This is one of the most densely populated regions of the world. Mumbai is home to the extremely rich and the extremely poor. People are drawn from rural regions of India with dreams and aspirations to make a living in the ctiy.  Due to a lack of affordable accommodation however, these people often settle in slum areas.

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Midwifery & Primary Health Care

Children Arise has undertaken to start a pregnancy help outreach for women in need to receive healthy pregnancy information, counseling, and basic pre-natal care. In the context of relationships built through other Arise projects, opportunities for other primary health care provision and education initiatives develop within the villages and communities in which we work.

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Orphan Care

Children Arise partners with local organizations in China to provide loving care and opportunity for orphans, with a special emphasis on children with special needs. This outreach provides short-term camps and community-based care for orphan children who are either in foster care awaiting adoption, or have aged-out of the national orphanages without having been adopted.

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Village School in China

Children Arise runs a weekend school program to provide basic education for children in a small rural village in Yunnan Province. This outreach provides local children with educational activities and a simple and nutritious snack each week, which builds trust and instills value within the community. These relationships form the basis of exploring additional avenues for outreach into the village and beyond.

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A New Type of Business in Lugala

Arise has invested in Africa for a number of years now. During this time we have learned a great deal about helping people, families and communities. Our primary tactics for transforming circumstances today are training and business. By providing skills training and work opportunities to those who would take advantage of them, Arise offers people a vehicle to provide for themselves and their families. An opportunity seized not only builds capacity but also builds self respect. These people and their families can begin to thrive and also invest back into their communities.

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South Sudan at War

Arise has been working in South Sudan's Kajo-Keji county along the Uganda border since 2010. We have engaged leaders in the rural village of Wotakujong to learn how they govern themselves, who makes decisions, and what they do when there are disagreements. We have documented their current state and discussed community goals and needs with them. All this work was building a framework for helping the village people meet their own needs. Arise would provide a small amount of capital investment to startup several social businesses. Village leaders would manage these businesses and the profits would help the community reach it's goals of educating their children.

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Rakai Returnee Camp Medical Clinic

The Rakai district of Uganda borders Tanzania where there have been long-running disputes between the two governments about the actual border location.  As a result of the shifting borderlines, a number of Ugandan's were displaced and ended up in a government camp awaiting resettlement.  This group number approximately 4500 individuals of which about 1500 are children.

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